Together we will grow by leaps and bounds

Together we will grow by leaps and bounds

Together we will grow by leaps and boundsTogether we will grow by leaps and bounds

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  "Kelsi is by far one of the hardest working people I've met. You couldn't find a more detail oriented, compassionate, hardworking and over all amazing person. I can't wait to see where Leaps & Bounds goes in the future." - Julie C.  

"I really enjoy working with Leaps & Bounds and just how fast they were to find me clientele. Kelsi is a very supportive supervisor who gives recognition and support often."

- Anne Marie 

"I have worked with many agencies during my years in human services, and Leaps & Bounds is one who resigns at the top of my " go-to " list. Kelsi is great at communication, and sincerely cares about these kids she services."- T Jackson

"It has been a pleasure to work with Leaps & Bounds! I was tentative about going through a company to find a PSW for my daughter,  but right from the start Kelsi communicated well and timely.  We have such a great match that is dependable, highly skilled,  and effective in meeting our families needs. I have the utmost gratitude and respect for Kelsi and have been so impressed by this company. I highly recommend them as a provider agency or employer!" -Tammy Pebley

"Leaps and bounds is an amazing care company for people with disabilities who need care I highly recommend it u won’t be disappointed. Just get a provider through them u really like and if u think it’s a good match go for it leaps and bounds in my opinion Is the best company out there I support fully". - L&B Client

"I’ve been working with Leaps & Bounds, LLC, for a year now. They match compassionate, honest, hardworking caregivers who are determined to make a difference, with some amazing people with disabilities that need extra support. 

Leaps & Bounds is an outstanding community of people striving to make a difference in so many lives! Because the company, and the people associated with it are all so phenomenal, the caregiver to client ratio is rapidly increasing. If you, or someone you know is looking for a job, I can not recommend this company enough! Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have and i would love to put you in contact with my AMAZING supervisor, Kelsi."

-Shelby S

"This line of work is rarely about the monetary value you gain but the experiences. My job rewards me with far more than money, I have a company and a leader who makes it known that no problem big or small should be overlooked. I feel valued at my job, heard and taken care of. I feel as those I create bonds with people and those people become like family to me. This job has made me a more confident person."                      -Angela C

   “A great caregiver becomes a member of your family. Kelsi was a great caregiver.   You have to have a sense of trust in the person who will be watching after your child when you're away. We always knew Annie was in good hands.  As Kelsi became more and more involved in management, we knew she always had our back and was looking out for our daughter's best interest.  We recently lost a caregiver from another agency, and I immediately turned to Kelsi because I know she'll do everything she can to help us.  I rarely give recommendations. But I can't say enough good about Kelsi and what she, or her people, will bring to your house.“   – Steve Amen   

"My time at Leaps and Bounds was an incredibly transformative experience for me. I learned so much not only by the little girl that I cared for but by the Leaps and Bounds community  that I had the privilege of working with. In becoming a member of the L&B community I was welcomed with open-arms into the family that I worked with and was given any support that I needed from the owner and the other members that make L&B an amazing place  to work for. I will always appreciate the experiences I had while being able to work for this amazing agency!"-- Chloe Rabb

"Kelsi was born for this. She leads by example and always has a positive outlook. She is a great communicator and problem solves quickly."

- Carrie H

" I am so thrilled our Case Manager referred us to Leaps & Bounds. Megan our current provider is an absolute joy to work with and our son does very well with her. Megan has expressed several times how happy she is working with Kelsi. I would recommend Leaps & Bounds to others.

- Marissa B

"Right away I knew Kelsi would be a great person to work with because you can tell, right off the bat, she genuinely cares about other people and wants to see them do well. She is a leader that helps others do great things. I am so thankful for my experience working with Leaps and Bounds and as a Life Skills Coach. I had freedom with how I managed my schedule and paperwork, allowing me to do it in a way that fit what worked best for me. I could choose my clients and approach on how to address criterion related to their ISP and/or BSP. As a Life Skills Coach I had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people. It was a fun position because you could take your clients on outings within the community. You had the chance to encourage and see growth within them. It was a cool experience being able to connect with and get to know each individual, and oftentimes their families. I learned a lot about myself and about running a business in this position. Kelsi was always open to providing resources and guidance to help you be successful and was a fantastic support system! This has been the most rewarding position I have worked in and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything."

One of the Leaps and Bounds Originals, 

-Morgan Montehermoso 

     " Thank you for always encouraging me to do my best, and making me feel good about myself." - Anonymous Client  

“I have known Kelsi for many years. Kelsi is one of the sweetest, kind-hearted patient and organized individuals I know.  She has the kind of passion for working with special needs individuals that I wish I could have. Every client she works with is special to her and she treats every one of them with respect and she encourages them to move forward in whatever kind of challenge they may be facing. I have a special need little girl and I have seen firsthand how kind and encouraging Kelsi is to my daughter. My daughter adores Kelsi and gets excited when she comes over to say hi!”                    - Bre Kidwell  

"Leaps and bounds has been such a blessing to our family. Kelsi has been there for us from day one. We love Leaps and bounds!"

- Tracy Z

"It is so valuable to have someone like Kelsi with you on your self-love/discovery/improvement journey. She is a person with a positive, logical, and altruism outlook, on any challenge or any situation. She knows the right questions to ask, and she's great at checking and pushing me forward. Making sure I am being the best version of myself, always. She taught me that things happen, and happen to all of us, but it can’t ruin your whole day. There is not enough thank you to be given to her, but I believe she is paid back in ways that I or anyone ever can! I wouldn’t recommend her to just anybody but rather the WORLD. Any person feeling lost or without direction, I hope, pray that others have an opportunity and the blessing to meet a Kelsi."            - Andrea S

"We love these folks. They are so very professional while at the same time just like part of our family, the concerns and cares they provide for us is Amazing!
 They are relentless in achieving the maximum effort and involvement in every stage of the support that is required to maintain a healthy care system for our daughter. Thank you Kelsi and Jake for being a big part of our lives."   
- Bo Baker

"This company is more than just a company! It’s like a family because they are so genuinely caring to each and every individual that works with them. The owner is an amazing role model and someone to look up to as well as their providers. If you’re looking for a great company to work with, this one has personally made the best impression on me! Thanks Leaps and Bounds!" - Brittney Smothers

"What does caregiving mean to you?"

    It's no secret that who you chose to be a part of your support team can play a vital role in your quality of life and overall independence. It’s critical that the chosen Caregiver possesses the right qualities, skillset, and understanding of the clients’ needs and desires as an individual. At Leaps & Bounds we understand that. We set the bar, and we set it high! 

We asked our team of dedicated Caregivers “what does caregiving mean to you.” Check out our blog below to read their responses. 

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