Together we will grow by leaps and bounds

Together we will grow by leaps and bounds

Together we will grow by leaps and boundsTogether we will grow by leaps and boundsTogether we will grow by leaps and bounds

We are Oregon's leading provider agency

We're' so honored to be at the 'top of our class.' 

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Why Leaps & Bounds, LLC

The Experience


You are not a number to us. Leaps & Bounds, LLC does not operate in ways many others do. From the moment you meet us, you will see why we are one of the most influential and most active growing agencies in Oregon. Leaps & Bounds, LLC believes giving will strengthen our communities and nation by encouraging dialog between individuals who may not have connected otherwise. We value the power of the relationships we build and look forward to sharing that experience with you!

Do you have someone in mind whom you feel may be a good fit to care for your loved one, but unsure of the interview process? Lets chat! 

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For multiple reasons, wages included Leaps & Bounds, LLC has an extremely low turnover rate. This means less disruption in your loved ones care. The average turnover rate is 67%! Leaps & Bounds, LLC is a fraction of this. You will soon see why quality caregivers chose and stay with Leaps & Bounds, LLC.

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Did you know?


Because of my extensive number of years of 1:1 caregiving many of the Case Managers, I now work hand-in-hand with alongside Leaps & Bounds, LLC I once worked under as a Private Caregiver. This allowed me to build relationships with the community, other agencies, and trusted members of various platforms that you don't get coming from a corporation. In turn, this one of the many reasons why Leaps & Bounds, LLC is so well-loved. I was able to prove from the most demanding position that Leaps & Bounds, LLC, can furnish and provide what our community wants and desperately deserves. Combining this and your expertise of your loved one's needs, we can pick all-star Caregivers for your loved one! - Kelsi

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Our Providers


Our Providers are so unique in the skillset they bring to Leaps & Bounds, LLC. On our team, we have, teachers, teachers-aids, behavior specialist, employment specialist, special need advocates, CNA's, and so much more! We are exceedingly grateful for the quality applicants who chose to start a career and stay with us!- Are you ready to make the switch to Leaps & Bounds, LLC!

*Picture of Morgan M. -L&B Life Skills Coach

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